March has been busy and diverse. Fun faceting large clean Prehnite This Rutilated Quartz over Lapis doublet turned out well. Astronomite Gem Ammolite- fossil Ammonite shell from Canada Ruby from Hart’s Range, Northern Territory, Australia Large, fine Rutilated Quartz Chrysoprase from South Australia Home

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March 24th, 2016


Cutting Chrysoprase with Steve Hompot Master Cutter Steve Hompot is working on fine quality Chrysoprase at present. Here are some of the finished stones: Chrysoprase is produced in many countries. Historically Silesia was an important mining district under royal patronage. This source was active in medieval times and some of its gems were used to make jewelry for […]

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March 24th, 2016

Lapidary is the art and science of cutting gemstones. A Rainbow Lattice Sunstone cut by Steve Hompot has sold for $1000 at a recent Bonhham’s Auction Rainbow Lattice Sunstone is an extremely rare form of gem orthoclase feldspar displaying aventurescence and adularescence due to the oriented inclusions of ilmenite and hematite. Occurring in a very […]

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